Our Philosophy of Learning

We take our inspiration from the early childhood schools of Reggio Emilia.  We extract the main principles of their programs and create a unique approach for children and families of the Medicine Hat Community Preschool.  
We promote the image of the child as a strong capable protaganist in his or her own learning and importantly as a subject of rights.  
The image of the child is essential to this philosophy.  We believe strongly that children have unlimited potential and are eager to interact and contribute to the world.  
We believe children should be driven by curiosity and imagination, they should take responsibility for their own learning, they should listen and be listened to, they need to love and be loved, have values and be valued.
We as teachers, adapt ourselves, always observing, documenting, listening and interpreting their goals, theories and strategies so that we can gain insight into their thinking, we are ready to make changes and support the children in their discoveries.  
We realize the importance of creating environments that are stimulating, that support meaningful develpment and that establish a community of learners among the children.
We promote the development of chidlren socially, physically, intellectually, creatively and emotionally.
In order to meet these needs our program provides 
-a warm and safe environment
-nutritious snacks
-outdoor play
- balance between structured activities and free play
- gross motor activities
- outings and field trips
- group and individual activities and conversations
- washroom and hygiene routines

Medicine Hat Community Preschool