Volunteer or Donate Now
Medicine Hat Community Preschool 
Volunteer Opportunities

We need individuals to:

Read us stories.

Dress up in a costume and play in the park with us.

Play an instrument for us.

Teach us a new dance. 

Show us a special talent.

Do an art project with us

Dress up like a superhero!

Volunteer Work

We would love your help: 

Donate bottles to shamrock and help us raise funds

We need help with some repairs:

We are looking for someone to help us find a way to replace our back door for very cheap and replace the lock so it is the same key.

Wish List this month
Dress up dinosaur tails

Email [email protected] for more info.
Frequent donations

We are looking for the following loose parts:
Tubes and hoses
Bins with wheels
Tire Pumps
PVC pipe
Ends and connectors
Perler Beads
Pony Beads
Spray Bottles
Turkey Basters
Buttons and ribbons
pots, pans and bowls
kitchen utensils